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Supporting Independent Living

At Protea, our vision is based around enabling independent living as far as possible for all our services users and supporting them with their mental health needs or learning disabilities to reach for their goals and achieve maximum fulfilment.

We believe in taking a person-centred approach throughout our care provision. Our support plans are tailored to each individuals' needs, wishes and aspirations and facilitate our service users in gaining confidence in their abilities and taking the next step towards independent living and integration into the community.

In the protection of our service users, four main principles are upheld throughout our supported living services:

  • privacy
  • dignity
  • choice
  • independence

To maintain our service users' privacy, we ensure that, wherever they are living, they are given space where they can be alone. All staff respect this private space and follow policy on entering. An ethos of privacy is also adopted when discussing and recording the service user's care; only involving those who are concerned with its management.

Maintaining dignity is important, but even more so when you have special needs

Our service user's dignity is one of our top priorities. Our staff are trained in assuring sensitivity and privacy throughout all care provision and support provided. We listen to our service users' wishes and respect their feelings; for example, always addressing them by the name they prefer.

Giving our service users choice in the way that they live their lives enables us to support and facilitate their path to more independent living. Our service users have a choice in the way in which they manage their own time throughout the day and are not dictated by schedules or routines. We respect them as individuals, ensuring maximum flexibility in their daily lives. Our staff support and guide each individual with:

  • independent living tasks
  • social and community activities
  • opportunities for training or employment
  • personalising their rooms with their own belongings

We empower our service users in their independence. This includes supporting them with decision-making and facilitating house meetings to discuss the day-to-day running of the property. Service users are encouraged in having input into their support plans, accessing and recording their reviews.

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