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Jenna Lodge - Watford

Our transitional support services offer the optimum bridge to independent living for young men with learning disabilities or mental health issues.

At Jenna Lodge in Watford, our supported living service is perfect for young men with learning disabilities or mental health concerns, who are looking to move out of the family home and begin more independent living.

In consultation with our service user, their family and close ones and healthcare professionals, we will develop a personalised support plan that offers the right balance of care, so that move towards independence is as smooth as possible.

We want our shared houses to feel like home. Tenancies are offered on an assured basis, giving our service users increased rights and security regarding their accommodation. We support our service users in sharing responsibility with their housemates for the upkeep of their home and also encourage them to personalise it with their own belongings.

An individual approach ensures our residents' personal needs are met

With our person-centred approach to supported living, we develop a tailored care plan for each of our service users, assessing their mental health needs and learning disabilities and implementing the appropriate level of care. We take the time to understand our service users needs at a very personal level, which ranges from 24-hour care to only a few hours a week. 

We support each individual, offering advice life skills such as:

  • cooking - gaining confidence to cook and try new foods
  • laundry - learning how to wash their clothes and take care of themselves
  • budgets - managing their personal finances and understanding the value of money

At Protea, we empower our service users in becoming more self-assured in their day-to-day life. This personalised approach helps to alleviate the anxiety of moving out of home and provides the confidence to live as independently as possible.

Our team use their wide range of expertise to support the tenants at Jenna Lodge with setting and achieving their personal goals. This guidance could involve assisting with employment, embarking on college courses or taking part in social activities and integrating with the local community.

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Supported Living

Protea operates many Supported Living projects, with group houses, shared and single flats, enabling adults with learning disabilities.

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Residential Care Homes

Residential services are for people who are unable to live in their own home, even with support from domiciliary care services.

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Domiciliary Care

Protea Domiciliary Care offers services to adults with a learning disability, mental ill health and associated needs.

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Contact our team to find out more about our person-centred approach to care and how we develop individual support plans, tailored to the specific needs and wishes of our service users.