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Disability Support Services

By providing personalised care and support for individuals with mental health issues and learning disabilities, Protea promotes empowerment, independence and choice for an improved quality of life and fulfilment.

Our ethos is to empower our service users to live as independent a life as possible through delivering our mental health and learning disability support services using the principles of recovery, reablement and rehabilitation.

We take a person-centred approach to all our care services and prioritise our service users’ fulfilment. Working with each individual, their family and carers and care professionals, we tailor individual support plans that incorporate our service user’s unique needs, preferences, abilities and circumstances.

Our team of care professionals

We appreciate the vital role our support staff play in our service users’ wellbeing and so ensure all of our team have extensive experience in caring for individuals with mental health, learning disability and complex care needs.

Protea ensures that there is always sufficient staff, with the relevant skill mix, to deliver the highest level of care and support for our service users. We ensure all our staff undergo an individual induction training programme, continue to be supported throughout their role and have access to a programme of ongoing training.

With an established record in delivering high-quality mental health and learning disability support services, we are committed to exceeding the regulatory care standards. By investing in our staff and the high-quality maintenance of our facilities, we ensure we are leaders in industry best practice.

All of our mental health and learning disability support services are regularly monitored, with outcomes evaluated at management level and action plans implemented to improve our service delivery. In our dedication to our service users receiving the best possible care and support, Protea welcomes regular feedback from our customers through our customer surveys.

The meaning of Protea

Protea is a flower that is named after the Greek legend Prodeus. Son of Poseidon, he was able to change his shape at will. In the same way, the flower can present itself in an astounding variety of shapes and sizes. The Protea flower symbolises our view that, as humans, we are all different individuals and this is a quality that our support services embrace.

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Our Services

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Supported Living

Protea operates many Supported Living projects, with group houses, shared and single flats, enabling adults with learning disabilities.

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Residential Care Homes

Residential services are for people who are unable to live in their own home, even with support from domiciliary care services.

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Domiciliary Care

Protea Domiciliary Care offers services to adults with a learning disability, mental ill health and associated needs.

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Contact our team to find out more about our person-centred approach to care and how we develop individual support plans, tailored to the specific needs and wishes of our service users.