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Our Values

Protea's values, which underlie our care provision, are designed to empower individuals with mental health concerns and learning disabilities to live as independently as possible and with the highest quality of life in the community.

In our aim to deliver the best possible care, Protea puts our service users at the centre of our support provision. This involves working with multi-disciplinary care professionals to regularly review our service users' needs and circumstances, and working alongside the individual and their family or carers to evaluate their aspirations to develop a tailored support plan.

We always work with integrity and honesty to do the ‘right’ thing, even if it is hard and use the following values to ensure that our service users’ welfare is always our primary concern.

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Respect and Dignity

We are committed to ensuring that all individuals who use our service, as well as those who work in our team, are treated with the utmost respect and dignity. This involves giving each person supportive, inclusive choices, where they are acknowledged as an individual in an equal and fair way. It also includes maintaining our service users' right to their privacy and acting with sensitivity in their need for support to ensure protection from harm, abuse or exploitation at all times.

All of our procedures respect equal opportunities and value the needs and rights of all individuals.

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Our supported living services are tailored towards empowering each service user in their independence. We promote confidence in their day-to-day lives, supporting them with their choices and assisting them in achieving their goals and aspirations. This may be through facilitating their daily living tasks, such as cooking, cleaning and personal care, or through encouraging their participation within the community via learning opportunities, community activities and faith practices.

We are equally dedicated to empowering our team of staff; promoting their self-development and providing opportunities for training throughout their career.

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Constant Evaluation

We continually look at ways we can improve our supported living care provision. The standard of all of our supported living accommodation is regularly reviewed to ensure we are maintaining a safe, high-quality environment for our service users and staff. We consistently evaluate our care delivery provided for individuals with mental health and learning disabilities to ensure it abides by the code of practice that governs our industry, as well as our own internal high standards of care provision.

We welcome feedback from our service users and those involved in their care. Opportunities for individual reviews and family forums, as well as the service’s complaint policy, enable us to take onboard comments for improvement and put in place the appropriate action plans

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Management Transparency

Protea Care believes leadership is the ability of a company’s management to make sound decisions and inspire others to perform well. The company upholds the principle of managing transparently as an essential condition for a free and open exchange, whereby the rules and reasons of our operations can be explained, justified and embedded into the organisation.

Team meetings take place every month, and these, alongside individual supervision sessions, allow every staff member to voice their opinions and provide feedback on their experiences and the service being delivered.

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Contact our team to find out more about our person-centred approach to care and how we develop individual support plans, tailored to the specific needs and wishes of our service users.